visteon tekctr arbor brazil2

With the expansion, Visteon can handle more tests locally in Brazil than it could before (Photo: Visteon)

Visteon Corporation is expanding automotive component testing capabilities at its engineering test center in Brazil.

The US-based automotive supplier said it will start performing thermal cycle tests on internal and external components for vehicles at its technical center, which is located at its Arbor manufacturing facility in Guarulhos (SP).

The test center's thermal chamber, which simulates extreme climate and environmental conditions, is getting six new solar panels, which broadens the range of tests that can be conducted at the facility.

That means that some of the thermal tests that used to be performed outside Brazil can now be done locally.

The technical center can handle tests to validate products and vehicle climate systems. It can also perform technical measurements for electronic, climate and audio systems. And the lab can test performance, fuel economy, injection and ignition systems and other engine components.

"The Tech Center adds value to our business by helping us offer complete solutions to the automotive industry," said Andreas Jancso, director of Visteon's climate group for South America.

Jancso said that, since the opening of the technical center in April 2008, demand for testing services has doubled.

Visteon is a global supplier of climate, electronic, interior and lighting products for vehicle manufacturers.