Image: Vizzion

Traffic camera services supplier Vizzion has developed a new platform giving access to live imagery from connected vehicles, which it has demonstrated at the TU-Automotive Detroit expo. This platform can provide dynamic on-the-spot information on factors such as traffic conditions, weather, roadworks or driver visibility, and extends Vizzion’s XML Web Service, effectively by turning connected vehicles into image collection devices.

The company, based in Vancouver, Canada, has already formed a partnership with a supplier of commercial vehicle telematics cameras, and envisages further such collaborations to scale up the geographical coverage and data density. Marketing manager Keith Anderson said in a statement: “Whether for use-cases such as mapping, news reporting, road management or public safety, this new platform can save operators from expensive on-the-ground crews and other alternatives by providing live views of current conditions with unprecedented road coverage.”

As well as providing live imagery to transport operators, fleet managers, public authorities and suchlike, in partnership with INRIX, Vizzion powers an in-car traffic camera feature in Mercedes-Benz’s ‘mbrace2’ app package in the US. This gives drivers live snapshot imagery of situations such as traffic flow, incidents and weather conditions on their road ahead. Its other clients include Microsoft (for applications including Bing Maps), INRIX, Comcast, and the Total Traffic & Weather Network.

-Farah Alkhalisi