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  • al-digital-transformation-for-automotive-and-manufacturing

    Why automotive companies are looking to a new model to enable digital transformation

    New technology, economic uncertainty and changing consumer patterns are making it vital to for automotive companies to adapt and respond quickly to these changing conditions. To do this, they need to run flexible and responsive automotive supply chains. However, today’s legacy, monolithic IT architectures are no longer fit for purpose and are undermining the ability to adapt, innovate, and stay competitive.

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    In the service of free trade


    Free trade zones offer many tax, technology and logistical benefits to the automotive supply chain. DP Word, with its flagship facility in Dubai, wants to expand these services in markets in the Middle East and Africa, as well as the UK and US

  • Perceptron-Helix-evo

    Access to accuracy


    When it comes to measurement in manufacturing, accuracy is critical. Rick Van Valkenburg, responsible for global sales and marketing at Perceptron, discusses the importance of accuracy when developing robot-based measurement systems for the automotive industry

  • GOM_ATOS-5x_SB-8360_BIW-inspection_out-of-SB

    The need for speed


    Faster measurement times and precise data quality are the result of GOM’s new generation of 3D scanners