The V60 Plugin Hybrid can cover 50km on full electric power (Photo: Volvo)

Volvo Cars is boosting production of its V60 Plug-in hybrid amid strong demand for its first diesel-hybrid model.

The Swedish automaker said it will almost double production of the model at its Torslanda plant to 282 cars a week from 150. It cited particularly strong demand in Holland, Belgium and Italy.

The V60 plugin hybrid  has official CO2 emissions of just 48 grams/km. It can be operated in three modes: pure, hybrid or power.

In electric mode, the car can travel up to 50 km, while the power option, which lets a driver combine the electric and diesel aggregates, provides 285 horsepower for a sporty drive.

Peter Mertens, head of Volvo's r&d, said the different options should appeal to a customer "who wants minimum carbon dioxide emissions combined with maximum driving pleasure."

Volvo is owned by Geely, a Chinese carmaker. The two companies's product ranges are currently far apart, with Volvo building much more upmarket models than Geely. But the two companies recently started work on a common C-segment architecture, which would allow greater cooperation between the brands a few years down the road.

Volvo will shortly open its first car plant in China as it starts an ambitious drive to double annual sales from about 400,000 to more than 800,000 by 2020. The Chinese market will play a major role in realizing those ambitions.