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Volvo wants drivers to manage EV charging from their smartphone (Photo: Volvo)

Volvo is joining a cross-industry research group that wants to develop a smart on-board concept for controlling measuring and paying for electricity when charging electric-vehicle batteries.

The Swedish research initiative, which is called ELVIIS (Electric Vehicle Intelligent Infra Structure), groups Volvo, telecommunications company Ericsson, utility Goeteborg Energi and the Viktoria Institute, a non-profit research facility located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The consortium wants to bring mobile connectivity to EVs and identify and remove barriers for using them in daily life.

The system the group wants to establish lets drivers charge battery packs via ordinary power outlets that are identified by GPS. Drivers can pre-set timing and charging amounts using touch screens or smart phones.

Using mobile communications, an EV will communicate with the grid to set up the charging scheme that lets it make the best use of the grid at the most favorable price. The system directs the cost for each charge to the car owner's personal utility bill.

Volvo has equipped five C30 Electric models with the technology for testing purposes.

A video produced by Volvo and Ericsson explaining the project can be seen here: volvo elviis.automotiveIT.

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