Volvo is conducting real-life tests with its IntelliSafe Autopilot technology (Photo: Volvo)

Volvo Cars and ride-hailing group Uber plan to jointly develop autonomous-cars technologies.

The Swedish premium car maker said the two companies will use a Volvo-built “base vehicle” to which Uber will add its own autonomous driving technology. Volvo will use the vehicle for its own autonomous-driving plans as well.

The companies have earmarked 300 million dlrs for the project.

The base vehicle will use Volvo’s so-called Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), which already underpins the carmaker’s latest models. Volvo said work undertaken together with Uber engineers will further add to the platform and will include safety, redundancy and other features needed in tomorrow’s autonomous vehicles.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said in a statement that Volvo’s expertise in safety technologies will help accelerate the drive toward autonomous vehicles and fewer traffic-related fatalities.

Said Kalanick: “By combining the capabilities of Uber and Volvo we will get to the future faster, together.”