The Cross dealer management system helps integrate various operations (Photo: Cross)

Volkswagen has already installed its Cross dealer management system in 500 German dealerships and plans to add another 200 before the end of the year. By the end of 2015, VW hopes to have installed Cross in 1,000 dealerships throughout the country.

The German carmaker said Cross, which was developed by VW Group brand Porsche, optimizes the various systems used on the retail side of VW's operations. That frees up time for customer care, it added.

The implementation is managed by IS-Handel Deutschland, an in-house IT service provider.

VW said its goal with Cross is to offer its partners a connected and integrated strategy that can improve performance and position dealer IT systems for the future.

"We chose Cross as the main system because all of its functions are structured in such a way that they focus on our core processes and, thus, make our daily tasks easier," said Emmerich Engels, head of the VW brand's German sales operation.

The Cross system connects sales and service. Appointment planning, service acceptance and parts management are also managed centrally. And, in future, the system will be able to integrate other operations as well, including showroom sales or service planning.

Cross was developed by Porsche as a DMS that uses a series of standardized and integrated modules to serve the entire automotive value chain. Modules include interfaces to manufacturer, importer and third-party systems.