VW's logistics operations are increasingly using digital systems. Some workers receive information through smartwatches. (Photo: VW)

Volkswagen has launched a digital logistics platform to improve communication and cooperation between its car plants, suppliers and trucking companies.

"Discovery," as the platform is called, will improve communication efficiency and reduce the number of errors that show up when data are shared, the automaker said.

"We are using the possibilities provided by digital change to improve data communications between all entities that take part in the process," Matthias Braun, head of planning for network and location projects in VW's logistics division, said in a statement.

Discovery is being rolled out in Europe first and VW said all of its 5,000 suppliers and logistics companies in the region will be connected to the platform by early 2018.

In a future step, Discovery also will have functions for express deliveries and other logistics options.

VW developed the cloud-based system in cooperation with software company Euro-Log.