Car bodies are stacked 20 meters high at VW’s high-bay warehouse in Wolfsburg (Photo: PSI Technics)

Volkswagen Group has decided to instal new software to operate a high-bay warehouse at its Wolfsburg factory more efficiently.

The carmaker is replacing an old Trimble ICS5000L positioning systems with the so-called Positioning Solution System developed by German specialist PSI Technics.

PSI said many aging high-bay warehouses, including Volkswagen's facility in Wolfsburg, suffer from frequent breakdowns and defects, which wreak havoc on just-in-time production processes.

VW stores nearly 1,000 chassis for its Golf, Golf Plus and Tiguan models in its 2,800 square meter Wolfsburg high-bay warehouse. The facility is an intermediate stop between the paint shop and final assembly. The car bodies are stacked as high as 20 meters.

PSI said the conversion to the new software took on average one day for each stacker crane. So far, four stacker cranes have been upgraded and the company plans to modernize all 10 of them.

The new software provides a fully self-sustaining control system that can be easily integrated with other programs. It also has the ability to "learn" while executing training processes.