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    Microsoft quietly becomes bigger than Apple


    Not so long ago Microsoft was considered the big loser in tech. Its software model was outmoded, its entry into the mobile space was late and had no hope of beating Apple and Android. Worse, the company seemed stuck in its Windows heyday of the 1990s. Then it got ...

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    Windows provide new interactive dimension in Toyota concept


    Toyota’s windows of the future let passengers see the outside world differently (Photo: Toyota) Toyota Motor Europe (TME) joined forces with the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) last month to show how car windows could better connect people inside a vehicle to the world around them. The concept was ...

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    CeBIT survey: Only 40 pc of companies plan Windows 7 upgrades


    Software experts worry that not enough companies are upgrading to new operating systems Problems in their technical infrastructure are a fact of life for most companies and many are reluctant to take the necessary steps to deal with the problems, according to a survey conducted during the CeBIT high-tech fair ...