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BMW is rolling out globally a music App similar to Pandora in N. America (Photo: BMW)

BMW is launching the Aupeo! personal radio iPhone App, the first global application developed by a third party.

The Munich-based premium car maker said Aupeo! will soon be available for all current BMW and Mini models.

The launch of Aupeo!, a kind of personal DJ service similar to the North American Pandora internet radio service, underscores BMW's desire to move quickly with the introduction of new infotainment programs.

Specialized software companies, with the help of BMWs three regional App centers, can develop these new programs much faster than the company could by itself.

"Development times are getting ever shorter, and the product range wider and increasingly customized," BMW said in a press release.

The carmaker said its open-platform strategy provides significant advantages in integrating mobile devices and internet-based services into the car. And it held out the prospect of further cooperations with third-party developers.

Said Andreas Schwarzmeier, product manager BMW ConnectedDrive: "Our aim for the future is to cooperate with further infotainment providers in order to give our customers seamless in-car access to services they are already using,” said

Aupeo, which is produced by a Berlin-based company of the same name, is a customizable internet radio service that uses a recommender system that can match music to listeners' personal taste. Its selection is compiled from a database of nearly 1 million tracks

The Aupeo! app will be downloadable free of charge from Apple's iTunes App Store. It can be used in all current BMW models equipped with the Apps option, and in all Mini models equipped with the MINI Connected option.