Image: Hyundai

Xevo is partnering with TomTom to incorporate its in-car on-demand e-commerce platform, Xevo Market, into navigation systems. Service providers, shops or similar can be identified as points of interest (POI) in the mapping, and the driver can be navigated towards them. Recommendations can be offered on-route, such as suggesting a fuel stop or the chance to pre-order a coffee for collection. The driver needs to opt in to the service and can opt out at any time.

Xevo CEO Dan Gittleman said in a statement: “Combining the revolutionary Xevo Market platform with TomTom’s map and navigation expertise offers us the opportunity to extend in-vehicle personalization into the navigation experience for smarter, more productive journeys. This next generation of in-car commerce empowers automotive OEMs with the most advanced and seamlessly-integrated turnkey in-car monetization platform available.”

TomTom has also announced its partnership with ParkWhiz, which gives it access to "one of the largest databases of dedicated public parking facilities for the United States and Canada", according to a statement. Besides navigation to parking spaces, it will offer reservations and payment in an end-to-end service. Antoine Saucier, managing director of TomTom Automotive, notes that "parking information [is] cited as a top connected service being integrated by automakers."

Hyundai demonstrated Xevo Market, previewing the co-developed Hyundai Digital Wallet payment platform [pictured], at the 2018 TU-Automotive Detroit conference. So far, this will enable Hyundai drivers in the US to locate and pay for fuel at participating Chevron and Texaco stations; order and pay for Applebee’s To Go; and find, reserve and pay for parking with ParkWhiz, via Hyundai’s Blue Link connectivity.

"We are always learning and exploring with Blue Link, having worked with technologies like Google Glass, Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, Wear OS and Apple Watch," said Cason Grover, senior group manager, Vehicle Technology Planning, Hyundai Motor America. "Usage-based insurance and in-vehicle payment can offer savings and convenience to our customers, and we look forward to offering these services.

-Farah Alkhalisi