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Openmatics-equipped Pullman buses in Milan will have two apps (Photo: ZF)

ZF's Openmatics system will be installed on 35 Air Pullman shuttlebuses that transport people between Milan's Malpensa airport and the city center.

Air Pullman is deploying the ZF telematics platform with two apps, the "All vehicles overview," which shows the Openmatics-equipped buses on a map; and the "Work Report" app, which shows whether a bus is moving or is standing still - with the engine on or off.

Further apps will be developed later.

Openmatics, an open, manufacturer-neutral platform for telematics applications,is the result of a strategic alliancebetween ZF, a large southern German automotive supplier and chipmaker Intel.

The system consists of an onboard unit for vehicles and a web-based portal for analysis. It can be used in any manufacturer’s vehicles.