Image: ZF

ZF has joined the eSync Alliance, a global multi-company initiative aiming to standardize over-the-air (OTA) connected vehicle technology. The Alliance is based around an open platform, originally developed by Excelfore, which enables both remote software and firmware updates and real-time vehicle diagnostics and telematics.

The eSync system combines cloud and in-car components, and is said to offer users a simplified development environment thanks to its customizable, scalable open platform with standardized features and APIs (application programming interfaces).

This is in contrast to many existing OTA systems, which have specific update mechanisms, says ZF, which also sees potential for eSync in non-automotive sectors, such as transmissions for rail, marine and industrial applications.

“The eSync Alliance is leading the way in OTA technology and advanced diagnostics, providing a framework for its member companies to benefit from standardized and interoperable OTA components,” said Franck Lesbroussart, ZF’s head of advanced digital software development. “ZF will take an active part in the Alliance, and by working together with our new partners, we can advance the industry as a whole.”

-Farah Alkhalisi