connected car

The connected car: 1. Human machine interface and application 2. Multi-standard radio gateway 3. Radio transmission technology 4. Vehicle sensors and vehicle buses 5. Car-to-car (C2C) communication 6. Car-to-infrastructure (C2I) communication 7. C2I satellite communication and navigation 8. C2I short-distance radio and 9. C2I Mobile phone

A competition to identify the 30 most interesting automotive innovations has yielded more than 400 new ideas.

In early 2010, the Network of Automotive Excellence (NoAE) called for entries in the competition, which ran from April through Sept. 30.

The Network was looking for "ideas, innovations and solutions that have a high customer value and a high transfer potential to the automobile." Though a jury of industry experts has already convened and decided on the winners of the competition, the 30 best ideas won't beannounced until an automotive conference, the Wuerzburg Automotive Summit, on November 24.

The NoAE was founded in 2002 as an international network of experts from the auto industry. The initiative, which was supported by the European Commission, aimed to intensify strategic, organizational and technological cooperation between companies. It specifically wans to strengthen the competitiveness of the participating companies.

The jury selection by a panel of 30 industry experts has already made its decisions on the 30 winners.