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Volvo’s City Assist warns a driver with a display that’s visible on the windshield (source: Volvo)

Volvo's emergency-braking system received top honors in an ADAC test of six systems.

The technology, as installed on a Volvo V60, received a "very good" from the German automobile club. Mercedes, Audi and VW systems were rated "good," while BMW and Infiniti were classified as "satisfactory."

The ADAC tested the system in a range of dangerous situations and noticed clear differences in their reaction speeds.

The club's testers found that Volvo's City Safety did well in either preventing or reducing the severity of collisions. The system reduces a car's speed when it realizes that the driver isn't braking hard enough to prevent an accident. The ADAC also praised Volvo's warning technology, which emits a tone and projects warnings on the windshield.

A Mercedes CLS and an Audi vehicle also performed well when it came to reducing collision speeds, which often prevents more serious injuries. VW's system can completely avoid a collision at speeds below 30km/hour.

ADAC testers found that BMW and Infiniti emergency braking systems reduce speeds only a little. In addition, they found that the Infiniti system's warning isn't clear enough.

The ADAC wants emergency braking systems to be standard on all vehicles, much like electronic stability programs.