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    automotiveIT Congress: CIO says VW needs 2 kinds of IT


    VW's Hofmann (Photo: Claus Dick) Volkswagen is on its way to become the world's largest automaker with more than 10 million vehicles sold in 2014. And of course, the executives in Wolfsburg are keen on staying at the forefront of information technology revolution as well. Volkswagen CIO Martin Hofmann ...

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    automotiveIT Congress: Daimler CIO lays out integrated approach to customers


    Siemer (l) and Gorriz explain Daimler's "Digital Life" to the automotiveIT Congress (Photo: Claus Dick) HANOVER - Daimler CIO Michael Gorriz said the premium car maker wants to establish multiple connections with its customers, running from the initial information gathering through the car purchase to the actual use of ...

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    AutomotiveIT Congress: IT boss says Porsche is "fast follower" with connected-car services


    Porsche's Lorenz says cars will continue to be sold by dealers (Photo: Claus Dick) HANOVER - Porsche is moving slower with the implementation of car connectivity than the premium auto makers, the brand's IT manager, Sven Lorenz, said Thursday. "That's because our drivers really want to drive, rather than ...