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  • paintable battery.automotiveIT

    Paintable battery addresses key EV issue


    Researchers at Rice University have developed a "paintable" lithium-ion battery that could help improve the design and weight of electric vehicles. The researchers have developed a battery that can be spray-painted in layers on virtually any surface. Each layer represents a traditional battery component. The technology "allows all kinds of ...

  • 2013 Fit EV

    Honda's electric Fit to charge faster with Toshiba battery module


    Honda’s electric Fit was unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show this week (Photo: Honda) The new electric version of the Honda Fit, which will be for sale from the summer of 2012,will be powered by Toshiba battery modules that the company says will charge quicker and provide less heat ...

  • axeon battery system.automotiveIT

    Axeon claims 35% range improvement with new EV battery


    Battery systems manufacturer Axeon said it had developed a new lithium-ion battery that would give electric vehicles a 35 pc improvement in range compared with existing technologies. The company also said it achieved the result without adding weight to the battery. "This new battery represents a real step forward in ...

  • nissan quick charger.automotiveIT

    Nissan to sell cheaper quick charger for EV batteries


    Nissan’s new quick charger isn’t faster, but it is cheaper and smaller (Photo: Nissan) Nissan plans to start selling a new lower cost quick charger for electric-vehicles starting in November. The new charger will need about 30 minutes to recharge the battery of the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle to 80 ...

  • think.automotiveIT

    Experts agree: lithium-ion will power EVs for a while


    The Think City EV has a range of 160 km Automotive and battery-industry experts, citing a lack of alternatives, said lithium-ion will be the dominant electric-vehicle battery technology for at least another 15 years. "We now have lithium-ion and, if you look at the lead times for introducing new technology, ...

  • braun illinois.automotiveit

    Need to recharge the battery, will be back in a couple of minutes


    Researchers Xindi Yu, Paul V. Braun and Huigang Zhang (l-to-r) pioneer a technology to recharge batteries in an instant University of Illinois researchers have developed a technology that will allow dramatically faster charging and discharging of batteries without sacrificing energy storage capacity. The research may be significant for the future ...

  • tesla roadster.automotiveIT

    Tesla to recycle batteries at Umicore plant


    The batteries of the Tesla Roadster should last at least 7 years Tesla Motors will work closely with Belgian materials technology group Umicore to recycle battery packs of its all-electric Roadster sports cars. The carmaker said battery packs will be recycled at the end of their lives at a Umicore ...

  • ENER1 LOGO.automotiveIT

    Ener1, Wanxiang to jointly make batteries in China


    US battery maker Ener1 and China’s Wanxiang Electric Vehicle Co. signed an agreement to jointly manufacture lithium-ion cells and battery packs for the Chinese market. The two companies said their cooperation would combine US technology with Chinese manufacturing capability. The batteries will be used in products built by Wanxiang’s light- ...

  • First Customer Takes Delivery of Chevrolet Volt

    At GM, batteries with a little help from the government


    A New Jersey man, was the first customer to take delivery of the Volt on Dec. 15, 2010 GM’s electric-vehicle program got a boost this week when it signed a worldwide lithium-ion battery licensing agreement with a US government research laboratory. The automaker said it would make advanced batteries using ...

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    Bain to European automakers: Don’t become dependent on foreign batteries


    A study by consultants Bain Company warns Europe’s auto industry in no uncertain terms to step up efforts to develop proprietary battery technology. “In Asia and the US the big battery and car manufacturers are already building plants,” Bain said. Â Europe runs the risk of becoming an ...

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    A123 to develop battery for new SAIC EV


    US batterymaker A123 will develop a battery pack for a new electric vehicle from China's Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC). The two companies said A123 will provide a customized battery pack to Advanced Traction Battery Systems, a joint venture between A123 and SAIC. The pack wil be used to power ...

  • hitachi lithium-ion

    Hitachi, Johnson Controls to cooperate on batteries


    Japanese electronics group Hitachi and Johnson Controls plan to cooperate on advanced energy storage. Hitachi and JCI, a US automotive supplier, signed a memorandum of understanding this month to cooperate on r&d, procurement, production, marketing and sales of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion technology is seen as crucial to the successful near-term ...

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    German research project covers 600km with battery-powered Audi A2


    A converted battery-powered Audi A2 covered the 600km stretch from Munich to Berlin this week without stopping to recharge its battery pack, the German Economics Ministry said. The test vehicle, developed by Berlin-based DBM Energy with support from the Economics Ministry, covered the distance in seven hours at temperatures around ...