Bill Ford believes car-to-car communication can help alleviate increasing road congestion

Bill Ford warned that producing more green cars won't solve the problem of increasing overcrowding on the world's roads.

"A green traffic jam is still a traffic jam," Ford warned in an essay written for the U.S. business magazine Fortune.

Ford said the industry's focus on selling ever more vehicles means that road congestion is increasing to unacceptable levels. "Theway the auto industry is growing globally, we're in danger of losing our freedom of mobility due to gridlock," he said, citing forecasts that the number of cars on roads will jump from 800 million today to as many as 4 billion by 2050.

Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor, said: "The notion of today's ownership model of two cars in every garage just isn't going to work."

Instead, automakers, governments and public transport authorities should put more "intelligence" into their systems, Ford said ins his Fortune article.

"That means smart roads, smart parking and smart public transit," he added, sketching an integrated transportation network that combines various vehicles, buses, trains, bikes, car sharing and other modes of transportation.

Ford said Ford Motor and other global car makers are working on a prototype system involving intelligent vehicles that communicate with each other.