BMW has extended by five years a multi-million-dollar network services agreement with HP, the U.S. based IT group said Thursday.

Under the new agreement, the German premium carmaker will receive a range of higher value support services for the HP technology that provides a major part of BMW's networking infrastructure. Among these is a next-business-day hardware replacement service that HP said will match BMW's mandatory service-level agreement and improve access to HP services.

In addition to support services, HP also will deliver a number of HP E-series switches to BMW. The carmaker operates a network infrastructure of intelligent HP E5400, E3500 and E6200 switches that is centrally controlled by HP Networking Manager Plus, a Microsoft Windows-based platform for mapping and configuration of the network.

Johan Deschuyffeleer, senior vice president and general manager, HP Technology Services for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said in a press release that the new agreement is in line with global companies'need for high performance networking solutions, full company-wide interoperability and stringent service level agreements.

Said Deschuyffeleer: "This new deal confirms HP both as a global player offering flexible services to support the BMW Group’s drive for operational excellence, and as the networking platform of choice for large enterprises.”