BMW CarData offers a portal for a range of new connected services (Photo: BMW)

BMW has launched a new service designed to better manage the functions ”“ and business opportunities ”“ that are becoming available through car data.

The service, which is called BMW CarData, allows customers to decide what data can be used for a particular purpose.

For BMW, it provides opportunities to enter into a new range of potentially lucrative business arrangements with garages, insurance companies, fleet managers and other partners.

Speaking at a German auto industry association (VDA) event, BMW management board member Peter Schwarzenbauer said that CarData will help expand the connected services available to customers. “BMW CarData will take the connectivity of our vehicles to a new dimension,” he said.

He also stressed that the service will help customers guard their data privacy. “We are allowing customers to decide what happens with their data.”

BMW said the service would let drivers negotiate lower car insurance premiums based, for example, on actual distances drive. New services such a personalized infotainment options would also be a possibility.

All of these services are based on data that are transmitted in encrypted form from the car to BMW servers, using the embedded Sim cards installed in all BMW Group vehicles.