bmw park assistantBMW has launched a parking App that is available in English or German at Apple’s App store.

The software shows remaining time on the parking meter and has a navigation utility that points the way back to the car. In addition, the App tells the user when it’s time to start heading back to his or her car to avoid a parking ticket.

Using the App is a three-step process: First, the user needs to enter the location of his parked vehicle, the intended actvity and his desired walking speed; second, the App notes the exact location of the parked vehicle, including the level of the parking structure; and third, the App displays a timer function.

"Deal with important tasks or do all the shopping at your leisure without constantly checking the time or wondering how long your park ticket is still valid," BMW says in the App store.

The sofware was developed by Cologne-based software designer denkwerk, which also does other work for the German carmaker.