BMW hopes aditional  charging stations will help it sell more of its electric i3 city cars in the US (Photo: BMW)

BMW and Volkswagen are teaming up with Chargepoint to build a network of electric-vehicle charging stations along highways in the eastern and western parts of the US.

Chargepoint, a large operator of EV refueling stations, said the network will consist of fast-charging facilities that should help promote electric mobility. "A robust network of conveniently located DC fast charging stations will go a long way toward increasing electric vehicle adoption," said Robert Healey, head of EV infrastructure at BMW North America.

The 100 new charging stations will, in first instance, be installed on high-density corridors in major urban areas such as Boston, Washington DC, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. The network operator wants to expand to other parts of the US later.

The absence of an extensive network of charging stations is widely seen as one of the main factors in the relatively slow adoption of electric vehicles. With most EVs capable of driving 100-to-150 miles on one battery charge, potential buyers of the cars are worried that they won't be able to complete their journeys.

BMW is making a strong push to sell its new i3 electric city car in the US, while Volkswagen last year launched an electric version of its popular Golf, the e-Golf.