Autotxt is building more smartphone applications (Photo: Autotxt)

Britain's Autotext is working to extend its telematics services, using Deutsche Telekom's machine-to-machine products and the German group's mobile radio communications network.

Autotext specializes in anti-theft protection solutions and has locations in Britain, Germany and China.

The company said in a press release that it is developing new solutions in the areas of location-based vehicle and function remote control, breakdown emergency calls and remote diagnostics.

"The objective is to supplement vehicle location for the vehicle owner with additional features such as remote monitoring of vehicle data or unlocking and locking the vehicle via Smartphone through corresponding applications," Autotxt said.

The British company already equips Aston Martin, Jaguar, Porsche and Land Rover vehicles. Application-specificTelekom SIM cards are used in the security solutions.Data exchange also takes place using Telekom networks.

For Deutsche Telekom, the cooperation with Autotxt provides opportunities to further enhance its "Connected Vehicle" business in a European market of about 350 million vehicles.

Horst Leonberger, who heads Deutsche Telekom's automotive business, told the automotiveDay conference last month that new services and applications will enhance security, efficiency and in-car entertainment in the vehicle.