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  • wissmann-merkel iaa 2013.automotiveIT

    carIT Congress: VDA chief sees central role for connectivity


    FRANKFURT - Germany's chief automotive industry lobbyist said on Wednesday that information technology has become "an essential precondition for a decision to buy" a particular car model. In an address to the Mobility 3.0 conference here, Wissmann, who heads Germany's automobile industry association (VDA), cited two central themes for this ...

  • audi.automotiveIT

    With S3 Sportback, Audi claims LTE 1st


    LTE gives Audi drivers and passengers more connected options (Photo: Audi) Audi said its new S3 Sportback is the first production car to fully integrate the LTE data standards. The German premium carmaker said LTE or 4G as it is also known is now avaialable in the model and ...

  • PatrickPelata.automotiveIT

    Pelata sees need for automotive ethics leaders


    Pelata says automakers are just beginning to introduce collaboration tools (Photo: Salesforce) The car industry needs to address the privacy issues that are a necessary byproduct of automotive connectivity. But technology or more regulation won't provide answers to the growing privacy questions, said Patrick Pelata, chief automotive officer of ...

  • bmw.automotiveIT

    BMW licenses Microsoft's exFAT technology


    BMW wants to transfer large amounts of data to and from the car (Photo: BMW) BMW has signed a patent licensing agreement that will allow it to use Microsoft's extended file allocation table (exFAT), a file system that makes it easier to transport large amounts of data. The premium ...

  • connected car.automotiveIT

    12 European carmakers move closer to implementing car-2-car communication


    European manufacturers want functioning car connectivity by 2015 Twelve carmakers have agreed to step up cooperation to bring car-to-car communication to European roads through the use of a common deployment strategy. The 12 car companies, which cooperate in the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium, said in a press release ...

  • VW Tanneberger.automotiveIT

    carIT Congress: Car connectivity is core competency at VW


    VW won't become a content provider to the connected car, Tanneberger says (Photo: automotiveIT) HANOVER ”“ Providing well-integrated car connectivity, though a relatively new area for Volkswagen Group and other carmakers, is a core competency for Europe's largest automotive group, a senior executive said Tuesday. Volkmar Tanneberger, executive director ...