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  • Renault solar panels.automotiveIT

    Renault inaugurates solar panels at 6 sites


    New Renault vans are parked underneath a roof of solar panels (Photo: Gestamp Solar) Renault is inaugurating a large installation of solar panels at six of its French plants, in a move designed to reduce energy costs and lower the factories' CO2 emissions. The French automaker, which first announced ...

  • siemens ehighway.automotiveIT

    Siemens proposes overhead power lines for trucks


    Siemens says its eHighway concept lowers fuel consumption significantly and is easy to realize (Photo: Siemens) Siemens believes electric or hybrid-electric trucks can be easily powered via overhead electrified wires, similar to how trolley buses and streetcars are operated today. The German power engineering group unveiled its "eHighway" concept at ...

  • vw chattanooga.automotiveIT

    VW sets target for sustainable production


    VW has installed energy-saving lights at its new Chattanooga plant in the US (photo: VW) Volkswagen wants to improve the sustainability of its car plants by 25 pc between 2010 and 2018. The German carmaker said it will conserve energy, cut down on waste volumes, lower CO2 and other emissions ...

  • vw bluemotion label.automotiveIT

    VW Group fleet sales include more low-emission cars


    Volkswagen Group said its German fleet business showed a clear increase in low-emission vehicles being sold or leased to key accounts. The German carmaker said in a press release that CO2 emissions in its key account business had averaged 136 grams/km in the first half, below the European Union target ...

  • Renault solar panels.automotiveIT

    Solar power at Renault plants to make big cut in CO2 emissions


    Solar panels will cover roofs and some parking lots at Renault’s French plants Renault is putting solar panels on several of its French car plants in a move aimed at lowering conventional power consumption and cutting CO2 emissions by 30,000 tons a year. The French carmaker said it has begun ...

  • elmos stop start.automotiveIT

    Elmos introduces stop-start chip set


    Elmos has introduced a chip set that will maintain a car's voltage when the engine is halted as part of its stop-start functionality. The German semiconductor maker said the chip set will help vehicles save fuel and improve their CO2 balance. The start-stop chip set consists of a multiphase boost ...

  • daimler vito e-cell.automotiveIT

    Europarliament approves CO2 limits for vans


    With battery-powered vans such as this Mercedes Vito E-Cell, automakers will try to lower average fleet CO2 emissions The European Parliament has approved stricter CO2 limits for vans and other light commercial vehicles, in a move aimed at bringing the sector in line with Europe-wide legislation covering the passenger-car industry ...

  • navteq savings calculator

    Navteq: Navigation can cut CO2 emissions by 24 percent


    Navteq, in an effort to show the benefits of driver-assistance systems, has launched a Web site where drivers can calculate how much money they save by using navigation. The US-based provider of maps and mobile data, said that, on average, proper use of navigation systems can reduce driving distances by ...

  • fiat_eco_drive

    Fiat’s eco:drive software lives up to expectations


    Fiat says its eco:drive software has helped change driving habits and save fuel. The Italian automaker claimed that, according to a test it conducted, fuel consumption dropped 6 percent on average. Fiat evaluated 428,000 eco:drive journeys for the study, which involved 5,700 drivers from Germany, Britain, Italy, France and Spain. ...