navteq savings calculatorNavteq, in an effort to show the benefits of driver-assistance systems, has launched a Web site where drivers can calculate how much money they save by using navigation.

The US-based provider of maps and mobile data, said that, on average, proper use of navigation systems can reduce driving distances by 2,500km a year. This would lower fuel consumption by 12 pc, providing savings of more than 400 euros. CO2 emissions would drop 24 pc per driver, Navteq said.

Using the new online savings calculator, drivers can enter their personal data to obtain information about their particular trips . Once details such as engine size, fuel type, regular fuel consumption and the nature of the planned itinerary have been entered, the system shows fuel reduction, equivalent cost savings, reduction in kilometers driven and cuts in CO2 emissions.

The tool, which can be used in the US and 24 European countries, offers a choice of six languages; Dutch, German, English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Navteq's navigation tool can be found here.

Navteq is a division of Finnish telecommunications group Nokia.