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  • OnRamp-Off-Ramp

    Hyundai MNsoft partners with Netradyne for HD mapping, crowd-sourced deep vision analytics


    Image: Netradyne Hyundai MNsoft, a subsidiary of the Hyundai Group, is partnering with start-up Netradyne, which focuses on computer vision, deep learning, edge computing and predictive analytics, to develop global HD maps for autonomous vehicles. Hyundai MNsoft currently supplies Hyundai and Kia with embedded navigation and location-based ...

  • VW Hover Car.automotiveIT

    Citing new ideas, VW extends Chinese crowd-sourcing project


    VW’s experimental "Hover Car" would float just above the ground, guided by electromagnetic road networks(Photo: VW) Volkswagen is extending its Chinese "People's Car Project" indefinitely, as the German carmaker looks at ways to incorporate new ideas from the public into the design of future VW models. The project, which allows ...

  • local motors rally fighter.automotiveIT

    automotiveDAY: At Local Motors, crowd-sourcing provides a new car-building model


    LM’s Rally Fighter may well be the world’s first crowd-sourced car (Photo: Local Motors) HANOVER -- Local Motors (LM) has set out to prove that, contrary to the common wisdom in the auto industry, scale is not a necessary requirement for becoming a successful carmaker. The Arizona-based upstart, which has ...