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  • genivi.automotiveIT

    OpenAutomotive Congress - Stuttgart


    (Photo: Genivi)Genivi is hosting "OpenAutomotive '15," a two-day conference focusing on cybersecurity issues in the auto industry. The event will take place in Stuttgart April 21-22. The main conference day is April 22nd.Genivi is a non-profit industry alliance of automakers and their suppliers. The group drives the broad adoption ...

  • george.automotiveIT

    automotiveIT Congress: The rising challenge of cyber security


    Michael George (Photo: Claus Dick)A security gap identified in BMW's ConnectedDrive infotainment system showed clearly that more connectivity also provides more entry points for cyber crime."Devices and services are more and more interconnected, and create vast amounts of data. But to whom do they belong and are they secure?" ...

  • ghosn.automotiveIT

    Ghosn says driverless cars at least 10 years away


    Ghosn sees regulatory and cyber-security obstacles for driverless driving (Photo: Bloomberg)It will be at least 10 years before fully autonomous cars will be sold on world markets, Renault and Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said Monday."We'll be going from more simple to more complex forms of autonomous driving," Ghosn told ...

  • markey.automotiveIT

    Report shows connected car data, privacy vulnerabilities


    US Senator Markey is critical of connected-car data security and privacy (Picture: Continental)A US report published this week shows how connected cars may be vulnerable to hackers.The paper, based on answers to questions by 16 major car manufacturers, highlights growing concerns that networking cars with the world around them ...

  • cisco.automotiveIT

    Cisco: cyber-security threats require high-level attention


    Cisco's mid-year report looks at the state of cyber security in the 1st half of 2014 (Photo: Cisco)As companies look to defend themselves against high-profile digital threats, cyber criminals are exploiting other, less obvious weaknesses in companies' IT landscape, according to a new report published by Cisco.A focus on ...

  • ibm big data.automotiveIT

    At IBM, a new focus on big-data security


    Cyber threats pose an inherent threat as big data usage increases (Photo: IBM)IBM has developed a new method to deal with security threats embedded in big data.As companies' use of big data increases, they are increasingly at risk from security threats hidden in the vast amount of information, IBM ...

  • neelie kroes.automotiveIT

    Europe's digital to-do list


    Kroes, in charge of the EU's digital agenda, expects a busy 2013 (Photo: EU)The European Commission has published a "digital to-do list" for the European Union's 27 member states in an effort to speed up the development of the internet economy.Neelie Kroes, the European commissioner in charge of the ...

  • isf cyber security.automotiveIT

    2013 cyber threats: Supply chain prone to data security risks


    (Photo: ISF)With more internal information held by outside service providers, companies face the risk of increased threats to data security, according to an independent cyber security body."More organizations will fall victim to information security incidents at their suppliers," the Information Security Forum (ISF) predicted. "Today's organization's data is increasingly ...

  • ford FocusElectric.automotiveIT

    GE: "Industrial Internet" can add $15 trillion to global GDP


    GE is testing sensor-equipped "smart" batteries that transmit data from a Ford Focus Electric (Photo: GE)A new digitally connected model for industry could add as much as 15 trillion dlrs to global output, according to a report published by General Electric Monday.Researchers at the US based industrial conglomerate say ...

  • cybercrime.automotiveIT

    European companies, governments test cyber security


    Digital security experts across Europe are testing their readiness to combat cyber attacks Friday, as the European Union launches Cyber Europe 2012.The exercise includes 400 experts from major financial institutions, telecommunications companies, internet service providers and local and national governments. They will test responses to more than 1,200 separate cyber ...

  • bsi lange.automotiveIT

    More cyber attacks in Germany, govt agency warns


    BSI President Lange told reporters while presenting his 2011 report that cyber security problems are growing in Germany (Photo: BSI)A government agency that monitors dangers to IT users painted a dismal picture of IT security in Germany, saying cyber attacks are on the rise and many of them are becoming ...