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Cyber threats pose an inherent threat as big data usage increases (Photo: IBM)

IBM has developed a new method to deal with security threats embedded in big data.

As companies' use of big data increases, they are increasingly at risk from security threats hidden in the vast amount of information, IBM said.

The US-based IT services group is offering companies a service called "IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data," which analyzes data for both external cyber security threats and internal risks and can take action to prevent these threats.

"Our goal is to provide actionable insight into every bit of data, no matter where it resides across the network, and help clients learn from past activity to better secure the future,” said Brendan Hannigan, general manager of IBM's Security Systems division.

IBM deploys the real-time security correlation and anomaly detection capabilities of its QRadar Security Intelligence Platform to identify threats. It combines these tools with custom analysis and exploration of business data provided by its InfoSphere BigInsights software.

The integrated product thus "combines intelligent monitoring and alerting with a workbench for threat and risk analysts to analyze and explore security and enterprise data in ways previously not possible," IBM said in a press release.