Latest Smart Fortwo EQ supports Plug&Charge [Image: Daimler]
Daimler and Hubject have concluded their pilot trial of the Plug&Charge digital certificate system, which enables electric vehicle drivers to access public recharging facilities without the need for a smartphone app or RFID card. The latest Smart EQ Fortwo and Forfour models, now in production, are the first to support the Plug&Charge system.

Hubject has used the international ISO 15118 standard for the first time, to govern the automated and secure exchange of data between the vehicle and charging infrastructure. A connection is established, authentication and authorization data are encrypted and transmitted, and both charging and payment are automatically started.

Daimler has been a shareholder of Berlin-based Hubject since 2012, but the ISO 15118 standard can be deployed by any other market players worldwide. It can also be developed to support future developments such as smart-charging and two-way electricity flow between vehicles and the grid.

Hubject CEO Christian Hahn says in a statement: “Together with Daimler, we are drawing closer to our vision: simple charging and payment for electric vehicles for everybody, everywhere. Charging with Plug&Charge via ISO 15118 is our next step on the way towards a fully automated, customer-friendly charging experience.”

ISO 15118 has also been incorporated into the latest version of the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), now available for download by charging infrastructure providers and operators in the Open Charge Alliance (OCA). The OCA, a non-profit with over 100 active participants from 27 countries, has released its open source, patent- and royalty-free OCPP 2.0: this is claimed to have new and improved device management, transaction handling, security, smart charging and display and messaging, as well as the ISO 15118 support.

-Farah Alkhalisi