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  • artificial intelligence.automotiveIT

    Will this be the year of artificial intelligence?


    Artificial intelligence will play a crucial role in the transformation of the auto industry in 2019. The reasons: Automakers have to better understand their customers as they forge a more direct relationship. And growing amounts of available data will require the auto industry to adopt more sophisticated analysis tools to ...

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    Faraday Future signs up Gemalto for data security, encryption technology


    Image: Faraday Future Digital security provider Gemalto will supply data security and encryption technology to Faraday Future, which aims to deliver its first FF 91 production vehicle by the end of 2018. Gemalto’s SafeNet Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) will be deployed, with associated professional services to develop the public ...

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    Poll: Bosses at mid-size companies most often flaunt security rules


    Poll shows, many executives lose documents and use non-secure e-mail servers (Photo: Microsoft) Top executives at medium-size companies often sidestep corporate data security rules, according to a new study. CEOs and other senior executives could well be the weakest link in corporate efforts to protect highly sensitive and confidential ...

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    Bosch CIO: New office software meets high data-security standard


    Pritsch succeeded Gerd Friedrich as  CIO of Robert Bosch in early 2015 (Photo: Bosch) Robert Bosch is spending 800 million euros on a company-wide upgrade of its office productivity systems. Answering questions put to him by automotiveIT, Elmar Pritsch, who became CIO of the German automotive supplier in ...

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    Interview: Daimler China CIO Marc Lampe discusses CRM


    Greater China CIO Marc Lampe (Photo: Daimler) Marc Lampe moved to Beijing as regional CIO of Daimler’s operations in September of 2013. Before taking charge of the carmaker’s IT operations in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, he was responsible for IT in the German company’s vans segment. ...

  • emc.automotiveIT

    Study: Industry revenue is hit by data losses


    An EMC poll shows that unplanned downtime and data losses cost companies money (Graphic: EMC) German companies and larger public organizations have posted 33.6 billion euros less revenue in the past 12 months because they have lost data as a result of a technical problem, according to a new ...

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    automotiveIT Congress: eCall seen cementing automotive IT ties


    German State Secretary Rogall-Grothe sees hacking attacks increasing (Photo: Claus Dick) HANOVER - The ties between the automotive and IT industries will get a major push from the introduction in Europe of eCall, a senior German government official said Thursday. "At the latest with the firm introduction of eCall ...

  • vw winterkorn.automotiveIT

    CeBIT: VW boss says "yes to big data," but warns for dangers


    VW CEO Winterkorn doesn't want the car to become a "data monster" (Photo: CeBIT) Volkswagen Group CEO Martin Winterkorn, opening Europe's biggest high-tech fair, strongly committed the automaker to a future of connected cars and more digitalization across the industry. In an opening address at the CeBIT fair in ...

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    EU's Kroes: NSA revelations are opportunity for Europe


    EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes (Photo: EU Commission) Recent revelations that US agencies are engaged in widespread international surveillance are an opportunity for Europe, Neelie Kroes said this week. "The NSA revelations are a big let-down for American companies, undermining their competitive position," said Kroes, referring to international online spying ...

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    Study: German companies investing more in IT security


    Hacker attacks and random cloud computing are seen as the biggest data security risks (Photo: AVG) Companies are investing more in IT security and data protection, according to a recent study. Most companies polled by Germany's National Initiative for Information and Internet Security  (NIFIS) expected to significantly increase ...

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    Poll: Mobile apps put corporate data at risk


    Most business travelers use mobile apps (Photo: Wikimedia) Smartphone apps are endangering corporate data security, according to a poll by the German Travel Association (DRV). The association, which represents the German travel sector, interviewed 100 CEOs and 250 employees who regularly take business trips. The poll found that 65 ...

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    Study says cloud-based data sharing is high-risk


    Most companies don't allow cloud-based file synchronization but employees are keen to do so anyway (Photo: Varonis) Cloud-based data sharing poses major risks for companies, according to a new report. "There is potentially a wave of disruption that could spread over corporations," data specialist Varonis Systems warns in a ...

  • cybercrime.automotiveIT

    Employers fail to prevent data crime - German survey


    Many German workers don't get guidelines on dealing with computer threats (Photo: Wikimedia) Many employers don't properly guard against computer crime and leave their workers to deal with IT security, according to a German survey. The country's high-tech association, BITKOM, polled workers on these issues and found that 21 ...

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    European companies, governments test cyber security


    Digital security experts across Europe are testing their readiness to combat cyber attacks Friday, as the European Union launches Cyber Europe 2012. The exercise includes 400 experts from major financial institutions, telecommunications companies, internet service providers and local and national governments. They will test responses to more than 1,200 separate ...

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    German managers worried about iPad and tablet security


    As workers' business and private lives merge, Daimler needs to allow private enduser devices for business use, CTO Schneider said last year (Photo: automotiveIT) Managers of German companies worry that the growing business use of iPads, tablet PCs and smartphones is shaping up to become a major data-security risk. ...

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    Berlin researchers worry that hackers copy whole factories


    Lindner wouldn’t drive a connected car today Data security tops the agenda of many CIOs.Lax handling of information security can threaten companies’ technological edge ”“ and drivers’ safety. In a discussion with automotiveIT , professional hacker and data security consultant Felix "FX" Lindner and Sandro Gaycken, a security researcher at ...

  • vw nast.automotiveIT

    VW appoints Telekom exec to head IT security


    Guenther Nast (Photo: VW) Volkswagen Group has appointed Guenther Nast head of IT security. The 47 year old informatics graduate took up his new position with the carmaker June 29. He joins VW from Deutsche Telekom, where he served most recently as senior vice president for data and IT security. ...

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    German top execs don't see need for more data security - poll


    Consultants Steria Mummert find views differ on data security measures in German companies (Photo: Singapore government) A majority of German top executives don't see any need for more data security in their companies, according to a survey by consultants Steria Mummert. The poll, conducted in the second half of 2011 ...

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    Interview: BorgWarner CIO balances costs and growth


    Jamal Farhat, CIO of BorgWarner, is working on more than 1,000 projects this year, as the U.S. based automotive supplier expands its global business operations. He needs to make sure the group’s engineers have the IT tools they need, that the company’s 17,500 worldwide employees can communicate and share information ...

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    Fraunhofer develops encryption for data-to-Cloud uploads


    The Fraunhofer Institute wants to address companies’ fears of Cloud computing (Photo: Fraunhofer) Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology has developed a data encryption solution to make Cloud computing safer. The Institute's OmniCloud software, which runs at a customer's site, encrypts all data before they are sent to the ...