Fujitsu TEN makes ECUs for engine control and other products (Photo: Fujitsu TEN)

Denso has agreed with other shareholders to take majority control of Fujitsu TEN, a Japanese maker of infotainment and automotive electronics equipment.

Fujitsu TEN currently is majority owned by electronics group Fujitsu, which has a 55 pc stake in the company. Carmaker Toyota Motor holds 35 pc and Denso has a 10 pc stake.

Following the ownership reshuffle, which is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2017, Denso will own 51 pc, Toyota will retain its 35 pc stake and Fujitsu will reduce its holding to 14 pc.

Financial terms of the planned transaction weren't disclosed.

Denso is keen to take full control of Fujitsu TEN as the Japanese automotive supplier develops its driver assistance and automated driving technologies.

Fujitsu TEN has in recent years focused increasingly on connected in-vehicle information equipment and services.