Fujitsu plans to launch a platform specifically designed to quickly process large volumes of data from connected cars.



Source: Fujitsu

Fujitsu says its stream data processing platform could help deliver almost instantaneous traffic information

The system uses so-called stream data processing technology, which handles large volumes of data as they come in. This lets automotive service providers digitally reproduce traffic situations involving pedstirans, vehicles, roads and buildings in real time.

Fujitsu said continuous data processing also allows users add or change services that have to operate without disruption. As an example, it cited real-time hazard prediction for connect cars.

The Japanese IT group said its stream data processing platform is launched at a time when big data from connected cars is set to play an increasingly important role in realizing mobility services. Examples of such services are traffic monitoring, maps, insurance and vehicle design.

The platform can play an important role in the development of digital twin technology for the mobility industry, Fujitsu said. The system would allow users to digitally reproduce information about vehicles and roads in real-time.

The simulation could then deliver almost instantaneous traffic information, Fujitsu said.

Fujitsu is the official Innovation Partner at the inaugural Go Innovate! Live conference, which will be held December 3-5th in Detroit. Paul Warburton, vice-president for automotive, will join other speakers including from FCA, Ford, GM, Nio, Bosch and others.