Porsche CIO: “Coming out with the perfect product idea isn’t always the main issue”


Source: Wilhelm Mierendorf

Porsche CIO Mattias Ulbrich, who headed IT at Volkswagen Group’s premium brand Audi until last year, wants to make digital transformation an emotional and passionate mission at the carmaker. He talks to automotiveIT about new business models, artificial intelligence and the need to invest in IT modernization.

Mr. Ulbrich, algorithms are the engines and data are the fuel – would you subscribe to this statement when it comes to Porsche?

That is a wonderful image. I would add a dimension to it: The human being does the steering. We naturally evaluate data and use algorithms as the technical basis for different applications, in the field of artificial intelligence, for example. But successful digitalization also requires enthusiasm and passion. That’s why at Porsche the focus is always on the individual.

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