Image: Murata Electronics

Japan’s Murata Group is to invest 5 billion yen into its Finnish division, Murata Electronics (formerly VTI Technologies). This business unit, which Murata acquired in 2012, is based in Vantaa, and specializes in research, design and production of silicon-based capacitive 3D MEMS (microelectronic-mechanic systems) sensors. These include accelerometers, gyroscopes and inclinometers, mostly for automotive, medical and industrial applications.

The investment will fund the building of a new 16,000 sq-metre factory in Vantaa [pictured] to increase capacity, and Murata expects to create 150-200 new jobs this year and next in addition to the 1000-strong workforce it already has in Finland. This is in response to the rising worldwide demand for MEMS sensors, the company says.

“The market for advanced driver-assistance systems, self-directed cars, healthcare and other emerging technologies are expected to be significant growth drivers,” said managing director, Murata Electronics, Yuichiro Hayata. “MEMS sensors are critical solutions for these applications and deliver proven measurement accuracy and stability in a variety of conditions.”

-Farah Alkhalisi