Image: eMotorWerks

The eMotorWerks JuiceNet cloud software suite for managing electric vehicle charging stations has been extended for commercial fleet operators.

The new JuiceNet Enterprise platform allows operators to simplify the management of multiple charging facilities at different sites, using a single cloud dashboard. It also helps to optimize the charging capabilities at each site and better-integrate renewable-source electricity, and allows users to participate in energy system programmes such as demand response and grid-balancing.

Through dynamic load balancing control, more charging stations can be installed at a site without costly electrical upgrades, as the charging load is balanced to match capacity. Operators can also schedule vehicle charging to align with times when solar and wind power are most likely to be supplied to the grid, and charging loads can be shifted throughout the day to smooth out peaks or reduce the costs of charging on peak-time tariffs.

Fleet operators can configure charger settings across a network, and charging loads can further be aggregated across operators on a regional utility basis. Individual drivers can locate stations within their JuiceNet network using a mobile app.

“JuiceNet Enterprise allows us and our fleet customers to easily manage smart-grid charging for multiple vehicles and locations, across one simple dashboard,” said Suresh Jayanthi, VP of energy services at Chanje Energy, which has already deployed 65 of eMotorWerk’s Juicebox chargers in California, Illinois and New York to support fleets of commercial electric trucks.

“As more fleets go electric, and more utilities strive for aggregated charging load management, it only makes sense that a technology like JuiceNet Enterprise is integrated into the energy solutions for our fleet customers, as well as any other large-scale charging network.”

eMotorWerks, founded in 2010, is based in San Carlos, California, and last year became part of the Enel Group’s Enel X division developing energy-related digital products for cities, homes, industries and electric mobility. It recently announced new offices in Berlin, Paris and London, the securing of CE certification for its smart-grid integrated JuiceBox charging products, and ambitions for expansion into Europe.

-Farah Alkhalisi