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Complex electro-magnetic compatibility issues are discussed at the EMV 2011 fair and conference in Stuttgart

German powerline product maker devolo is developing an innovative technology for vehicle2grid communication that uses the battery recharging stations that will be built for a growing fleet of electric vehicles.

Devolo is working with the University of Duisburg-Essen in western Germany to come up with a broadband powerline communication solution that can be used while an electric vehicle is recharging. The researchers are showing the project at the EMV 2011 trade show in Stuttgart this week. EMV 2011 focuses on electro-magnetic compatibility issues with electric vehicles.

The recharging connection can transfer data on the status of the vehicle or the required amount of energy. Multimedia content such as Web-based music or map information can also be downloaded.

In addition, devolo has developed a powerline solution that supports carmaker-specific electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) norms. These standards are relatively strict because electro-magnetic activity is high inside the car as a result of radio and other transmissions.