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Businesses take business intelligence seriously but most don’t have a strategy for it (Photo: Wikimedia/Kingfish)

German companies have a strong interest in business intelligence, but few have a well-thought-out plan for using the accumulated knowledge and information available within their enterprises.

A poll of more than 300 executives in German companies found that more than 60 pc feel business intelligence is important or even very important for their companies. But only 16 pc say they have a strategy in place, while an additional 28 pc feel they're moving in the right direction.

The survey was conducted by German's Raad Research in cooperation with business sofware maker SAP and consultants PCS Beratungscontor.

Executives blamed a lack of communication between operating units and the IT department for the slow pickup of business intelligence within their companies. Raad also noted that corporate departments are increasingly relying on standard software such as Microsoft Excel to manage information.