Subscribing to a new idea of mobility at Canoo

Canoo exterior

James Cox, former head of product planning at Uber, talks about leading product technology at EV startup Canoo and why he thinks the company will succeed with its subscription-based vehicle offering.

Los Angeles-based electric vehicle startup Canoo is basing its business model around subscription services, managed via an app without dealerships or any personal ownership. The person responsible for developing this service is James Cox, the company’s chief product officer.

Canoo, which introduced its first car last month, conveniently named canoo (lower case ‘c’), was founded by a team of former BMW and Faraday executives, including Stefan Krause (who recently stepped back from day-to-day operations but is still head of the advisory board and responsible for raising funding), and acting CEO, Ulrich Kranz.

James Cox strengthens the company’s tech startup credentials. He was an early member of Uber’s launch team in Australia in 2014, and would later lead on the launch of Uberpool – a ride-hail sharing service – in more than 40 global cities. He was most recently responsible for Uber’s global product planning process.

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