Crew Chief Showing Thousands Vehicles

Ford says its new Crew Chief fleet management system will allow fuel savings of up to 20% (Photo: Ford)

Ford Motor has improved its U.S. Crew Chief fleet-management system by giving it direct access to proprietary Ford data contained within a vehicle's onboard computers.

The U.S. car and truckmaker said Crew Chief, which is now equipped with telematics software provided by U.S. based location intelligence specialist Telogis, can yield fleetwide fuel efficiency improvements of up to 20 pc.

The system, which monitors driver behavior, location and vehicle performance, transmits data wirelessly via a Telogis platform to a fleet manager from equipment that is mounted under the dashboard.

New features include alerts and reports on safety belt status, oil life remaining, water-in-diesel, tire pressure and airbag status.The system can also compare a car's speed and compare it with posted speed limits and it can monitor whether a vehicle is used outside of designated areas.

Ford hopes the improved tools will help change driver and overall fleet behavior, so that cars will run more efficiently. Bill Frykman, Ford Work Solutions product and business development manager, noted that, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, aggressive driving decreases fuel economy by as much as 33 pc. Saoid Frykman:"With Crew Chief, Ford is deploying smart technology to deliver green driving results."