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  • ford.automotiveIT

    IHS forecast: 21 million autonomous vehicle sales by 2035


    Ford, like most carmakers, is road-testing driverless cars (Photo: Ford) Market researchers IHS Automotive have significantly increased their forecast for autonomous-vehicle sales, as automakers and suppliers invest heavily in advanced driver-assistance systems. IHS expects sales of nearly 21 million autonomous vehicles worldwide by 2035, a sharp increase from about ...

  • china.automotiveIT

    Chinese market expands lead


    China's share of the global car market has soared in recent years (Photo: Wikimedia) China looks set to solidify its position as the world's biggest car market, as vehicle demand in second- and third-tier megacities offsets the negative impact of growing political and economic risk. According to Germany's Center ...

  • ihs.automotiveIT

    Global 2015 car sales forecast to rise 2.4 pc


    Car sales will rise in 2015, but the global picture will be mixed (Photo: Emil Frey) Global car sales are set to rise 2.4 pc to 88.3 million units, despite widespread geopolitical and economic uncertainties in many parts of the world, a leading market forecaster said this week. It ...

  • Willi Diez.automotiveIT

    Diez: "Times are getting tougher" for auto industry


    Diez says electric mobility needs to become more fashionable (Photo: Claus Dick) Veteran industry observer Willi Diez said the car market in Germany and Europe won't likely pick up anytime soon. "The times are definitely getting tougher," Diez said in an interview with automotiveIT. The economist, who runs the ...

  • infineon watchdog chip

    Global IT market set to top 1 trillion euros in 2012


    Global IT demand continues to rise despite the Japanese earthquake and weak consumer spending in some European countries (Photo: Infineon) The global IT market is set to top 1 trillion euros in 2012, according to the European Information Technology Observatory (EITO). The IT researchers expect the market to grow 4.3 ...