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IT jobs are growing but communication industry positions declined in Germany (Photo: Topslash/Wikimedia)

German IT companies employed more people in 2011 and that trend is set to continue this year.

In 2011, the information and communication industry boosted jobs by 18,000 to 866,000, said BITKOM, the country's IT industry association. In 2012, it expects to add another 10,000 positions.

" The job engine is running in the IT sector, said BITKOM President Dieter Kempf. "Especially software and IT services companies are hiring."

The growth masks different trends in IT and communications segments. While IT job totals rose by 22,000, the number of positions in the communications segment actually dropped by 3,000. BITKOM cited price pressures as a major factor in the decline.

The association said a lack of qualified IT specialists continues to be a major problem. In a recent survey, 54 pc of companies polled want to add staff, but 63 pc said they are having trouble filling positions with qualified IT professionals.

BITKOM said there are 38,000 unfilled IT job openings in Germany at the moment.