Image: Hyundai Mobis

The Autonomous Driving Interior Concept Car will showcase a series of new technologies from Hyundai Mobis at next month’s CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The South Korean Tier One supplier will highlight virtual touch technology, a gesture-recognition system which could replace touch-screens; emotional recognition, an AI platform to adapt cabin ambience according to occupants’ moods and share information with other similarly-equipped vehicles; and windshield display, a windshield transparent during driving modes but which can be blacked-out in autonomous mode to screen films or entertainment, or to provide information. Emotional recognition will also be seen on the Kia stand.

Jaeho Chang, senior VP and head of the electrical and electronic R&D center, said in a statement: “Hyundai Mobis is committed to developing technologies that will become essential parts of the vehicle of the future, and we are proud of the ability with which we are able to bring these concepts to life. This year at CES, Hyundai Mobis will give attendees, and the world, a broad-spectrum view of how the vehicle will evolve as the role of the driver transitions into a passenger.”

An additional technology on display is the Communication Lighting Concept, which links ADAS (advanced driver assist system) with ADB (advanced drive beam) lighting to allow autonomous vehicles to communicate with other vehicles, pedestrians and road-users.