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    Infiniti supports start-ups, sees digital transformation benefits


    Image: Infiniti Infiniti is hosting an innovation initiative in Hong Kong to connect local start-ups with corporate partners. This extends the Infiniti Lab programme launched in 2015, which “has helped drive cultural transformation and open innovation within Infiniti” as well as in the start-up community, the company ...

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    Infiniti JX features new backup collision technology


    Buyers of the 2013 Infiniti JX will get a free 24-hour concierge service (Photo: Infiniti) Infiniti said a new 7-seat luxury crossover, the JX, will feature a novel driver assistance system that will help avoid collisions with people behind the vehicle. The Japanese premium brand showed a JX concept at ...

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    ADAC finds Volvo's emergency braking "very good"


    Volvo’s City Assist warns a driver with a display that’s visible on the windshield (source: Volvo) Volvo's emergency-braking system received top honors in an ADAC test of six systems. The technology, as installed on a Volvo V60, received a "very good" from the German automobile club. Mercedes, Audi and VW ...