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  • agero.automotiveIT

    Agero unveils smartphone-based crash detection


    (Image:Agero) Agero has unveiled smartphone-based software that could replace embedded telematics systems to provide automatic crash detection. The Medford, Massachusetts-based telematics services provider said its new "Driver360" software can be integrated into existing insurance providers' and car manufacturers' mobile apps. Bringing crash detection, response and prevention functionality into the ...

  • allianz.automotiveIT

    BMW, Toyota, Allianz invest in artificial-intelligence startup


    (Photo: Allianz) BMW and Toyota Motor have teamed up with insurer Allianz to invest in Nauto, a Californian startup company that has developed technology to accelerate the auto industry's drive to develop autonomous cars. Nauto's system, which lets fleet vehicles become part of a self-learning network, consists of an ...

  • insurance.automotiveIT

    KPMG: Most insurers unprepared for autonomous-driving era


    KPMG warns car insurers that autonomous driving will fundamentally change their business(Photo: Daimler) If the US insurance industry experts' predictions are any guide, it will be at least 10 years before autonomous cars will become a factor in driving. A recent survey of insurance executives carried out by consultants ...

  • Bosch.automotiveIT

    Newspaper: Bosch insures against cybercrime


    Robert Bosch has taken out a 100 million euro insurance policy to safeguard its operations against cybercrime, according to a report in the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung. The policy was issued by a consortium led by German insurer Allianz, according to the report. It also includes industrial insurance specialist Ace ...

  • volvo.automotiveIT

    Automated emergency brakes seen cutting pedestrian injuries


    Volvo offers pedestrian detection with full autonomous braking on the V40 (Photo: Volvo) Emergency braking systems would go a long way toward further reducing pedestrian casualties in traffic accidents, according to a study conducted by the German insurance industry. The study, carried out by the accident research unit (UDV) of ...

  • insurance allstate.automotiveIT

    Telematics help lower car insurance costs in US


    Insurers increasingly provide telematics-based coverage that helps lower policy costs (Photo: Allstate) Insurers are increasingly offering voluntary programs that use telematics devices to track driver behavior, according to the US Insurance Information Institute. The III, an insurance industry lobbying group, said in a press release that insurers have long used ...

  • coverbox

    UK’s Quartix gets big insurance order for vehicle tracking


    UK vehicle-tracking systems maker Quartix has signed a contract to provide 1,200 telematics systems a month to Coverbox, a pay-as-you-drive insurance brand. Coverbox is a so-called “smart insurance product,” which helps insurers monitor driving behavior through the use of telematics and data analysis. The service also lets insurance companies charge ...

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    Survey: US insurance customers welcome telematics if it helps cut premiums


    A survey of US auto insurance policyholders shows that more than 75 percent would happily share driving data gathered through telematics systems if it would help reduce their premiums. According to the survey, which was conducted by Lynx Research Consulting for LexisNexis Risk Solutions, 57 percent of policyholders are comfortable ...