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  • NXP S32S Safety MCUs and MPUs-3

    NXP launches next-generation microprocessors for vehicle dynamics


    Image: NXP NXP Semiconductors has announced a new series of microprocessors for controlling dynamics in next-generation electric and autonomous vehicles. The NXP S32S family of microprocessors are for systems to safely accelerate, brake and steer, in both driven and autonomous modes; they use the latest Arm Cortex-R52 cores giving ...

  • rescar47x27plus add

    Industry strives for no-fault automotive microprocessors


    Here's what the auto industry wants: Microprocessors that are tailormade for the automotive environment, that can withstand huge temperature swings and near-constant vibration and, most importantly, never ever fail. To make microprocessors that meet those requirements, experts say a rethink of the entire production process is order. And that's exactly ...

  • Intel-22nm.automotiveIT

    At Intel, a new transistor design


    Intel’s new 3-D transistor features vertical fins (pictured) Intel has redesigned the basic microprocessor, claiming a new three-dimensional transistor will boost performance and lower power consumption. The new transistors are particularly well suited for small handheld devices, the California-based chipmaker said. Intel said its new 3-D Tri-Gate transistors will be ...