MicroStrategy’s platform lets users access business intelligence on mobile devices

US Automotive information company Edmunds has built a consumer market analysis App for the iPad using a MicroStrategy platform.

MicroStrategy, a US based maker of business intelligence software, said the new Edmunds.com Web Metrics iPad App provides insights into anonymous consumer car buying research and shopping patterns.

The iPad App displays detailed analytics about the cars that consumers are considering for purchase. It also shows how each vehicle is performing versus its competitors. And it indicates the propensity of a consumer to consider other models when researching a particular vehicle.

Automakers can review and interact with the data on their iPads to help them with marketing and advertising decisions, MicroStrategy said in a press release.

"Our new iPad app is particularly critical for executives who are always on the go and need to be able to react quickly," said Solomon Kang, director of client analytic services at Edmunds.com.

MicroStrategy said it used all the capabilities of the iPad to provide intuitive business intelligence that is optimized for the mobile user. Mobile devices are turning into powerful business information tools, which will help increase the speed of business, said Sanju Bansal, chief operating officer of MicroStrategy.