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    Who would buy Nokia's HERE mapping unit?


    Maps will be more important for autonomous cars (Phote: Nokia) Nokia is considering the sale of its mapping unit, HERE, following its announcement of plans to acquire Alcatel-Lucent. The Finland-based telecommunications equipment maker said in a statement that it had "initiated a review of strategic options, including a potential ...

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    Navteq: Navigation can cut CO2 emissions by 24 percent


    Navteq, in an effort to show the benefits of driver-assistance systems, has launched a Web site where drivers can calculate how much money they save by using navigation. The US-based provider of maps and mobile data, said that, on average, proper use of navigation systems can reduce driving distances by ...

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    NAVTEQ’s Traffic Patterns now available in Brazil


    NAVTEQ said its Traffic Patterns routing software, which helps commuters circumvent congestion, is now available in Brazil. The mapping and location data specialist, which is owned by Finnish mobile phone company Nokia, said launch coverage for the Brazil edition of Traffic Patterns includes nearly 11,000 kilometers of roads in six ...