Image: nextLAP Inc.

nextLAP Inc. of Mountain View, California, is to present its AI Production-Process-Platform IP/1 at next month’s Automotive Logistics Global Conference in Detroit. This is a cloud-based data hub featuring real-time analysis and artificial intelligence to optimize material flow in production and logistics processes.

The IP/1 collects process parameters, such as where and when a part was installed, installation rates, or the location of a parts delivery truck; real-time data is pooled and contextualized, enabling the development of algorithms which can make autonomous decisions and feed back into the process. It is said to instantly recognize anomalies in the system, autonomously identify potential problem-solving scenarios, and take counter-measures before a fault occurs. The platform can also integrate data both from IIoT-enabled devices using nextLAP’s own hardware, or from third-party devices such as scanners or data glasses.

The result is said to create a digital real-time overview, serving as the basis for planning, development, managing and monitoring of processes. It integrates two existing solutions, SmartRack, which digitizes and automates order-picking processes via IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) tagged components on storage racks and storage areas, and pickExplorer, which optimizes routes, throughput times and ergonomics in intralogistics areas.

André Ziemke, managing director of nextLAP, whose current clients include Tesla, BMW and Skoda, explained in a statement: “With their AI technologies, our solutions contribute to the implementation of self-optimized factories. They are employed by many companies, including leading international automotive OEMS. Using SmartRack, a leading German automotive manufacturer was able to significantly improve the quality of its order-picking process, achieving almost zero-defect order picking. This resulted in order picking cost savings of 30 pc.”

-Farah Alkhalisi